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How do you know your brief, is the right brief?

We design specific workshops for you to unpack the real story. Together with you, we identify the key drivers and bring to light the true potential of the overall project.

Every project, product, service or piece of research benefits from an external testing process. Whether a creative injection is required, or figuring out a suitable timeline and strategy, ultimately we help you define your brief and map out the way forward.​

Our team's experience stems from spatial intelligence, resolution and reality (how to make ideas become a reality), business strategy, communication and meaningful creative direction.

Whether you are a private client, business, start-up founder or philanthropist, we have designed and refined a series of workshops to help you quickly gain & define the best ideas for your project.


Have something in mind?

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“The workshop was incredibly helpful in formulating and envisioning design ideas, ultimately pinpointing how we personally wanted to utilise the space.” 

Gabriella Peak - Senior Associate Green Street, Financial Services 

What's the process?

First, an honest conversation, looking for what is beyond the written brief.  Identify the core goal and background to the project, yourself and/or the business. See the space.

We do our homework and prepare for the workshop. This includes targeted in-depth research, precedents, potentially bringing in external personnel who have specific insights to your project’s context
C. TESTING & PARTICIPATION (video or real)
This is an interactive workshop where we unlock the core potentials of the project and the frameworks within which it can be realised. We curate the workshop with insights we have gained, and present our findings and ideas which we then develop together with you.

All key outcomes are pulled together in a single document, with which you can launch your project. The document includes potential risks & opportunities, likely timelines, and who key stakeholders are that you should engage with in your project.
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The S8F workshop approach is creative and

unique, it allowed us to visualise things we could

not foresee prior to works being completed. 

Devan du Plooy - Vice President Mark Real  Estate and Private Equity

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