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The world's population is projected to be over 9.7 billion people by 2050.

That's a future-world where 2.1 billion more people will need water, food, shelter, sanitation, education, transport, and more.

What does this world look like? How dense can we go? What about the rural lands that support our cities? Is there a hybrid? How do we sustain and protect while we progress?

Disruptive new technologies are completely transforming the way we inhabit the world and lead our lives - and so are our desires and expectations.


We value a neighbourhood-scale approach to infrastructure, the importance of well-being, questioning the binary nature of society, and acknowledge our desire to connect more deeply with people, ourselves and nature.

We believe design is the art of synthesis across all disciplines and theories, and with the right strategy has the ability to tackle our challenges of tomorrow

- as long as we ask the right questions and work collaboratively.

"A problem cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created it". Einstein's much-repeated words could never ring more true than today, and we're following this insight to break new ground for a world of tomorrow we actually want to live in.

We are driven to innovate meaningful change through design and strategy.

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