Wasteline - How much does a coventional trash bag weigh?

"Wasteline" part of London Design Festival & Brompton Design district

Stage: Complete

Location: London, UK

Type: Immersive installation

Size: 30sqm


London’s WASTELINE is in need of a new diet, a need to shift from the linear to the circular. 

This installation represents the collection of one month’s worth of a London-based creative office waste (excl. food waste), of 12 people for 30 days - a perceivable measure of people and time.

To understand the magnitude of our waste problem, a simple illusion of mirror-clad walls extrapolate the quantities, scaling the issue both in time and people. The vastness of the mirrored, measurable amount of waste begins to convey the severity of how our consumer society occupies the planet.

Wasteline Experience Room - the vastness of waste produced in London & the world
Wasteline Innovation Space
Wasteline - Shopfront Window - Jeans & Water Question, Sustainabl?