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Through juxtaposition and typological acrobatics we divorce ourselves from ownership and create a form of urban collage that revels in the mess of reality rather than attempting to control it.

Think Tank Leaders - Paolo Vimercati, Associate Principal, Grimshaw Architects. Petra Havelska, Director, Marko & Placemakers. Igor Marko, Director, Marko & Placemakers

The Unstable City Students - Dawa Pratten, Phelan Heinsohn, Oscar Hårleman, Duncan McNaughton, Aleks Stojakovic, Alaric Campbell-Garratt, Fearghal Moran

Supporting Practices Grimshaw Architects - Marko & Placemakers, Citizens Design Bureau, Alma-nac, AHMM, Studio Egret West & Scott Brownrigg.


Gray Structure
Gray Structure

Instability is the natural state of the city; a certainty, influencing all underlying systems of governance and structure. Instability is good, powerful, not a menace to be conquered - through it, we are afforded all forms of opportunity. Stability is oversimplifying, desired particularly when viewing the city as a corporate opportunity. Pursuing stability is a point of disconnect with reality. The stable city is a generic city. 

We are a think-tank within the London School Of Architecture. We propose a world where: resilient ecosystems point towards better futures, collective participation and ownership create meaningful identities, citizen groups employ re-purposed developer models, community owned economic structures are possible, placemaking replaces commercially driven form making. We are attune to the collaged, transient nature of city-making. We embrace instability, disavowing the flawed commercial model of fixed, rigid masterplanning, allowing contrary actors and actions to speak together. Through the collaging of complex and contradictory propositions and fragmented ideas.

Gray Structure


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