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“Talking Trees” is a collaborative proposal by an experienced and diversely talented team of creatives. The team comprised of studio 8FOLD, Tate+Co and Matri-Archi(tecture) as designers, Will Sandy Design Studio on landscape and experiences, and Simple Works the structural engineers.

Talking Trees is an accessible, inclusive experience that plays with sound, texture and scale, engaging visitors of all ages and abilities. Playful, contemplative spaces provide experiential sensory adventures, encouraging equitable conversations with the trees of Kew.

The gently sloping ramp into the tree canopy offers viewpoints for all users, while the structural CLT beam acts as a handrail (with a 1:12/ 1:15 gradient), with routed, tactile details to assist the visually impaired. The effects of light and acoustics in the kaleidoscopic interior will appeal to the neuro-diverse and cognitively impaired. Built-in recliners enable guests to gaze into the canopy above.

The design integrates the access balustrade, while perforations provide both drainage and the surface for the interior kaleidoscopic cladding, formed of waste offcuts from the glazing industry. The three modular sections can easily be transported, rebuilt and repurposed, while natural stone spreader footings provide a reusable, sustainable ground support solution.

Gray Structure
Gray Structure
Gray Structure


Project : Residential

Timescale : under construction

Client : Private

Size : M

Location : London, United Kingdom

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