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Briefed by SYSTEMIQ to reimagine an existing office space they were moving into, that would reflect who they are and what they stand for and ultimately bring the office team of 100+ people back together and closer. They needed a space that encouraged the cross-pollination of ideas between teams, and to accelerate the quality and production of work across the board.

The work space needed to address the nuanced requirements of hybrid working, and an environment that reflected a more humanised approach to work life, not the existing uninspiring, sterile typical office environment but rather an exciting space, with break out areas, varied sized meeting spaces, town hall space and a kitchen
that offered a cafe-like atmosphere. 

Through a series of workshops we derived the concept of the 'Decibel Plan'. We looked at how the space should function, identified a couple of behavioural insights, and highlight the overall

desire for good coffee, plants and good meeting spaces. Allowing the function of spaces to be sequenced by how loud the general activities are, was a quick way to order various types of work spaces for (as we like to call it) 'heads up, heads together, and heads down' working. Other design nudges were included to maintain the kitchen island in the main space looking tidy, with the introduction of the 'back kitchen' absorbing the day to day use.


Impact: they've had a huge increase in the number of people wanting to work in the office, and the feedback has been that their team is closer than ever before, boosting morale and quality of work. Their company has seen significant growth and have hosted several social functions in their new space, and also tinkered around to really make it their own.

Photos by Luca Piffaretti

Gray Structure
Gray Structure
Gray Structure


Project : Commercial

Timescale : 6 months

Client : SYSTEMIQ London

Size : M

Location : High Holborn, London, UK

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