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Gray Structure
Gray Structure


This Grade II listed residential apartment is located in the heart of Bayswater, London. Built-in the late 1850’s, our refurbishment scheme planned to restore the original grandeur of the building to the first floor of the Giorgian Terrace, which was previously cut into cramped, cellular rooms with low ceiling heights. We planned to remove a number of non-original elements of the building, such as partitions breaking up the original room volumes - damaging the historic coving and ceilings, and to recreate the original room proportions, re-establishing the historic room hierarchy. Towards the rear we removed two 1970’s window and replaced them with a new large sash window.

This flooding the proposed bedroom with eastern light in the morning Conceptually, the working spaces of the apartment, such as the bathroom, storage and wardrobes were placed in an infill timber and glazed box within the greater original volume. The aim was for the finishes to match this concept by allowing the box to read as an infill rather than part of the original building’s story. A delicate balance of contemporary and traditional detailing creates an elegant and timeless design in this refurbished apartment. 

Project : 1 Bed, Kensington Gardens Square

Client : Private 

Timescale : Completion - January 2019

Size : 47sqm

Contract Value £110K

Location : London, UK

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