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We work closely with the Thusanang Trust and Education Africa to deliver the projects, this being the 10th Project so far over 12 years that has been built. Thusanang Trust helped develop the brief, working directly with the local heads of the creches to develop, then reporting back to the design team on what is needed and the scale the project needs to be.

There is a complexity in working in this environment and a relationship that needs to be cherished. We are proud to have been involved and are already planning the next build with the Trust and the University of Nottingham.

Going forward the unit is actively seeking to be more embedded with local universities and partners, for a more fully fledged and mutually beneficial exchange on multiple levels.

We would also like to say thank you to Autodesk & Autodesk Foundation for awarding us with software that will advance our mission to create positive impact.

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"Architecture schools are more about teaching you how to be an architect than how to practice architecture." -- Garry Stevens

The above quote is the opening slide to the Design & Build course at University of Nottingham, run by Peter Russel and Mike Hawkins. After participating in phase 3 for two of the six weeks it took to build Malahlela Crèche, the lessons learned are wider than the fences of architecture, and rather a reflection of one's layered participation as a fellow person on our planet.

Each phase combines 20 students alongside 5 staff members, made up of tutors, technicians, fabricators and or engineers, who tackle the project for 10 working days at a time. Overall this 140sqm building includes 3 classrooms, a sick bay, kitchen and office all centered around a covered light filled play space that was delivered in 30 working days. An incredible achievement by the students and staff of Nottingham, Engineers and Grimshaw staff.


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Project : Design & Build with University of Nottingham - children's créche

Timescale : complete

Size : 140 sqm

Location : Limpopo, South Africa

Photo credit: Kiran Benning (student)


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