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A competition in on a Latvian horse farm, for an observation tower, situated in a UNESCO nature reserve. Our approach: The observation tower was to allow visitors to enjoy the surroundings' view, 35m above the ground. We believed that the view should be accessed and experienced in the same way by all visitors, whether by foot, wheelchair or horse. Yes, for us, this included the famed Latvian Ardennes horses on the farm.

The problem was how to get everyone to experience a view 35m above ground, without having to build a large structure, ramp or massive lift. The solution was simple: an inhabitable periscope. We proposed a structure that would reflect the views 1:1 as seen from 35m, on the ground, surrounding viewers with views from up above, and removing the need for anyone themselves to be elevated.

Client : Kurgi Farm

Timescale : June 2020

Size : 190sqm 

Contract Value : NA

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