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Reason for being a fellow:

"Studio 8Fold takes a whole-of-system approach, designing long-term solutions and asking big questions about the intersect between technology, the built environment, creativity and functionality to change the world.  I can’t wait to join such an inspiring team – there is so much to learn from the “Studio 8FOLD approach” that can be translated into all other areas of infrastructure design and investment: I am excited to tap into the brilliance of Alex and Aleks as I try to create a better world for people and planet in everything I do.

Becoming a Studio 8FOLD Fellow meets both a personal and professional desire to create more equitable, sustainable places for all people to live, work and play.  My role as a Fellow is full of hope. I hope to bring my experience in financing high-impact solutions to help Studio 8FOLD create value (economic, social and environmental) and support their mission. I hope to offer a strong voice and passion for nature based solutions. And I hope to connect the Studio 8 FOLD team into leaders at the forefront of climate action and social inclusion as they pioneer a new way of solving problems and seeing the world, driving meaningful change through strategy and design."

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Katherine is the Head of Sustainable Finance at SYSTEMIQ – a system-change firm focused on tackling the climate emergency and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for people and planet. Katherine focuses on key aspects of financial system re-design to mobilise capital for a net-zero, nature-positive and more inclusive economy – working with investors, governments and project developers to accelerate investment in regenerative business models, sustainable infrastructure solutions, climate justice and more resilient livelihoods around the world. 


Katherine helps structure and scale blended finance vehicles (including the $3bn “SDG Indonesia One” platform and the $500m “Global Fund for Coral Reefs”) and is an Advisory Board Member to the “Responsible Consumer Fund” which invests in listed companies that champion a sustainable approach to production and consumption. Katherine works closely with the City of London’s “Green Finance Institute” and helped launch the “Make My Money Matter” campaign for net-zero and deforestation-free pension funds.

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