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The project cannot realise these higher goals on its own, but in its theory of change, the project contributes to achieving them. 

Design Think Tank Leaders - Will Hunter & Daniel Barrett (Equilio), Javier Quintana de Uña (IDOM)

Design Tutor - Fenella Collingridge (Salter + Collingridge)


Alumni mentors - Aleks Stojakovic & Alexander Frehse (Studio 8Fold) Chiara Barrett ( Carmody Groake)


Students - Euan McGregor (Pringle Richards Sharrat Architects), Tom Owsianka (Dennis Sharp Architects), Mikolaj Strug (Benoy), Kate Palmer (Smith & Newton Architects), William Tooze (AL_A), Daniel Wood (AL_A), Connie Emery (Wilkinson Eyre)


Collaborators - Frances Holliss (author of Beyond Live/Work), Isabel Allen (Former design director of Hab Housing and editor of The Architects’ Journal)


Gray Structure
Gray Structure

The idea of habitat goes beyond architecture and buildings. It’s a new way of conceptualising cities – a living environment, where architecture is only a piece of a bigger jigsaw alongside nature, city, health, work and people’s lives. We aim for a different future. Through radical innovation rather than incremental evolution, we are trying to sketch the habitat of the new generation. We will use a combination of facts Team What How and projections. We will free our imagination to speculate upon the new frontiers of possibility. A district with an innovative mix of buildings, using the latest technologies both in infrastructure and construction techniques. 


Project Goal — To design a disruptive innovation in housing at the scale of a neighbourhood that integrates new opportunities for living, working and leisure to enable residents to lead prosperous, purposeful and fulfilled lives, while contributing to the regeneration of the planet. 

Higher Goals — Life is prosperous, purposeful and fulfilled. —The climate catastrophe is averted. Higher goals describe the ultimate purpose of the project (when you cannot ask ‘why’ anymore to get a higher answer) and are framed as the end state we seek. 

Gray Structure


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