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During school term time weekdays, it is transformed into a popular children’s nursery/pre-school. A local youth football club also uses the changing rooms and Playing Fields, as does the ‘Great Chishill Veterans Football Club’. 


The Cricket Club and the PFA want this to be a facility for the whole village. In its 150th Year, the Cricket Club wants to provide a legacy for the next 50 years for a modern inclusive pavilion. 


The Jury felt the project’s vision, feasibility and impact meant it deserved to win. It was also thought that the inclusion of professional building design services will assist in getting the project off the ground and make a real impact for the local Great Chishill community. 

Gray Structure
Gray Structure

The Great Chishill Community are the winners of our international call for briefers for the Briefer’s Brief competition that we hosted earlier this year. 


Studio 8FOLD alongside ARUP engineers will be assisting the Playing Field Association, local sports club and Nursery to develop a concept that looks to redesign and improve the facilities within and around the pavilion. The aim is to provide improved facilities to the whole community young and old as well as bring it into the 21st century with sustainable technology such as PV systems, rainwater harvesting and the simplicity of insulating the building.

The Great Chishill Pavilion has stood since 1972 and is a key asset to the local community. Great Chishill Cricket Club, founded in 1870, provides a great focal point for villagers young and old (and others from further afield). The building  has a wide range of uses which benefits the local community.

Gray Structure


Client: Great Chishill Cricket Club and Playing Field Association

Timescale: October 2020 - Current

Size: 95 sqm 

Contract Value: TBC

Location : Cambridgshire, UK

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