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It was important not to overspend on the first restaurant venture and be resourceful & innovative in creating a unique environment within a large space. Furthermore, joining up with a nearby florist from the space spiced up the restaurant environment free of charge, and increased sales for the florist.  


Simple and affordable materials were key to the vision of the project, combined with the skills of a handy family member (an experienced carpenter) in the mix. A driver amongst the simple material pallets was sustainability, with exploring options of cork flooring (a carbon negative product), reconstituted corrugated roofing, and vegan upholstery. We are excited to continue our relationship with the Duck Truck on many more projects.

Gray Structure
Gray Structure

This project was a first for both the Duck Truck and the 8FOLD team: first physical address (restaurant) for the Duck Truck franchise, which has been widely celebrated around the UK, known for its position at Glastonbury festival and other festivals as well as at the Spitalfields food market, and our first restaurant. 


The aim for the project was to create a tactile, user friendly street food environment- something quick and easy but with the subtle niceties of being in a restaurant environment. Sited in the Grafton Centre, built in the 1980’s and recently underwent a rebrand and renovation with new owners. Part of the revamp included a new food court and so the Duck Truck was sighted under a large glazed roof amongst other popular boutique brands. 

Gray Structure


Client : The Duck Truck

Timescale : Completion - November 2019

Size : S/M

Contract Value: £75K

Location : Cambridge, UK

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