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The design+build studio at the University of Nottingham offers architecture students an immersive, hands-on, learning experience. Students in this studio spend the year experimenting, designing, inventing, and constructing pieces of architecture.

For ten years the design+build studio has focused on impactful projects though our crèche initiative. Each year our studio designs and builds a crèche in rural South Africa, working in partnership with Education Africa and the Thusanang Trust. Our approach offers a comprehensive project-based learning experience with a tangible impact on our students and our community partners.

The design+build studio is rooted in the idea that the study of architecture is inherently about buildings, and that through the act of building we can be better designers. We work to understand the interconnected nature of design, construction and people.

Our studio engages students who embody the idea that architecture and design can contribute positive solutions. The design+build studio’s projects focus on community projects with a net positive impact. Our established partnerships in South Africa, and our future projects in Nottingham encourage our students to focus on the potential impact of the projects.

  • over 2,000 children have been to school in a creche built by the design+build Studio

  • over 300 architecture students have engaged in the studio

  • £500,000 has been raised to support the studio

Team: Pete Russell, Mike Hawkins, Rebecca van Beeck, Ashleigh Killa & Max Melvill


Gray Structure
Gray Structure
Gray Structure


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