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Supporting greater hyper-localisation, our goal is to design new neighbourhood opportunities for living, working and leisure that support prosperous, purposeful and fulfilled lives, while helping to regenerate the planet.

How can the casual water-cooler conversations be replaced at an urban scale? How will the adjacencies between public and private programmes shift? Will we interact with our families, friends and colleagues in new ways?

A more vivid experience of what their streets of the future could be like should enable better community engagement, thus resulting in built outcomes that are more attuned to the needs of residents and the planet.

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It is widely predicted that the pandemic will permanently lead to a significant rise in homeworking. While this shift may lead to changes to the interiors of dwellings, we see the real opportunity will be in reconfiguring the connective tissue that borders dwellings and unites their inhabitants into communities.

Our proposal was named "Ukuaji" – which means ‘growth’ in Swahili –and reimagines physical infrastructure, such as the street, to replace activities that no longer happen with greater home working, such as chance encounters, social engagement, dating and wellbeing development.

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Collaborators :  Katherine Stodulka (Systemiq), Luke Gibbard (No Ghost), David Finchman (Aquaculture)

Client : Davidson Prize Competition

Timescale : February 2021 - finalists TBC

Size : Urban Neighbourhood

Location : London, United Kingdom

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