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An existing container is split in two, doubling the 'volume' of the library, and opening it up to draw in the surrounding spaces, perfect for outdoor classes and reading groups.​ Rather than spending money or time on complicated shading devices, we simply guide nature to grow strategically to provide naturally shaded areas - like reading under a tree.

Gray Structure
Gray Structure

With a very tight budget, the philanthropic project strives to make the most of what is already provided: by the site, the climate, the school and the vegetation.​ The primary concept is to encourage children to explore and play while discovering the joy of reading. Sited on the school premises right alongside the jungle-gym, we integrated the library with the playground, fusing playing and reading.

Gray Structure


Project : School library 

Timescale : Under construction

Size : 120sqm

Location : Weeraponkuna, Sri Lanka

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