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showing the ghosted versions of these items at the end of their use. We had our collaborator based in Hong Kong, Yusi, collect everyday waste objects from around her neighbourhood and friends, who know longer had use for these items and were going to throw them away or were already discarded.

Our challenge to designers is to begin here - at the end.

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Gray Structure

In 2021 we were invited to exhibit at the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, in China. The theme was "Interconnectedness: Design to Rekindle the World". The curators wanted us to bring our previous ideas around waste to the exhbition. We thought we should propose a challenge to all the industrial designers that would be visiting this week-long event by creating an installation of a scaled landfill spliced in two. At its core are the everday objects we know well - phones, plastic toys, sports equipment, headphones, computer equipment, etc.,

Gray Structure


Project : Installation/Exhibition

Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center Week

Timescale : Completed 2021

Size : 16 sqm

Location : Hebei, China

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