Alexander's time at ELEMENTAL with Alejandro Aravena in Chile developed an understanding and importance of bringing communities into the design process and that synthesis through a clear & powerful concept are the founding blocks of design. His understanding and determination on sustainable design was further developed with his previous employer and mentor Tate Harmer, with focus on sensitive landscapes, and energy effecient construction.

Gray Structure
Gray Structure

Alexander, co-founder and director of Studio 8FOLD, South African born residing in Berlin & London. He is interested in architecture that participates in contributing to the psychological well-being, not only on an intimate-scale for individuals, but also an urban scale for communities: what is the experience of the future city? 

Gray Structure



Gray Structure
Glasower Str. 44
12051 Berlin
Unit G1 B2
Stamford Works
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London, N16 8JH
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