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Her background includes agency and freelance design experience with a history of print, digital and interactive projects. Alex has worked on many marketing campaigns for international companies, small communities as well as NGO’s. From the Climate Change Committee, Amnesty International, UK Anti Corruption Coalition to ISKO. 

Since joining Studio 8FOLD in 2020, Alex aims to help the team communicate their brilliant ideas and support them in upcoming projects.

Website designed by Alex 

Gray Structure
Gray Structure

Alex, head of content and exhibition design, graduate from Kingston School of Art London, co-founder of 34minus1 magazine and resides in Berlin.


She is informed by her questioning of the world and the necessity to understand it, trying to answer larger questions with smaller ones, often through visual expression. Her work doesn’t revolve around beauty and aesthetics, instead she focuses on designing solutions for people and the planet, sustaining our future is at the heart of her practice. 

Gray Structure


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