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that enable its visitors to exist ‘completely off-grid’, and reconnect with nature. Hearth is a story of symbiotics, not only in its archaic and modern technological marriage, but also in its architecture: its roofscape celebrates the peaks of mountains, its timber slat facade the woods of forests, and its rising chimney an outpost to remind us of man’s long history of making place within nature; a place of refuge to retell the adventures beyond its walls.

Gray Structure
Gray Structure

Hearth is a project that acknowledges our most instinctive experience: being in nature. The song of birds and the rush of water vibrate with our souls. We have also evolved, as a society, and have created an ‘urban nature’ too. Hearth nods both to our past and embraces our present. At its centre, a fireplace- possibly man’s most important evolutionary discovery to date- binds all activities of modern life. In its walls and floors, it houses modern technology 

Gray Structure


Client : Competition

Collaboration : Polly Stebbings- Environmental Engineers

Timescale : November 2018 - January 2019

Size : 38sqm
Contract Value : £65K

Location : Anywhere Rural

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