"Future Village / Dorf Im Dorf "

Stage: Concept Design

Location: Nettelstedt, Germany

Type: Masterplan, co-living & inter-generational housing scheme

Size: 9200 sqm


In collaboration with Architekturbuero Lindstedt, the project is responding to a brief brought forward by the village community. Their brief is a timeous wake-up call and resonates across Germany and parts of the world. Their request was clear: for an ageing citizen propose alternatives to the current two options of living, single-family home or in the sterile and characterless frail care homes. We put forward ideas and benefits of co- and inter-generational living.

See 'newspaper' publication below, produced for our installation currently exhibiting in Palazzo Mora, part of the Venice Biennale Exhibition 2018.

Illustrations done by the wonderfully

talented Anna Mill.

Publication for Venice Biennale 2018