Thank you to everyone who submitted a competition entry. Submissions are now closed and a shortlist has been selected: 

  1. A town in Cambridgeshire looking for assistance with the redesign and funding of their community space, teaching space and cricket pavilion.

  2. A Creative Collective for independent makers to help find and design a space that would otherwise go unused.

  3. Eco Tourism hotel in Bali, looking to build a Multi-purpose 15m x 20m hall for the community and resort aiming to use sustainable and traditional construction.

  4. A holistic estate plan for a large parcel of land in Greece just north of Athens which includes the restoration of existing buildings for tourism and developing a sustainable forestry action plan for the 4500 hectares of pine forest. All of the above should be centred around well-being, education, land, environmental sustainability, community and productivity.

  5. A new built sustainable home in East Yorkshire for a photographer who needs the new home to serve as both studio, editing space and accommodation.

We're super excited for the workshops and interviews ahead and will announce the ultimate winner in the coming months.

If you do have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to send us an email:


We founded Studio 8FOLD on the premise that no idea is impossible. Therefore, we’re announcing a call for entries for a design competition.


Studio 8FOLD will provide the winning entry with a FREE concept design.

All you need to do is submit the following:

  • a brief description of your idea/ project

  • photographs, sketches, art... any visual material to help us better understand your brief

  • some background information/ your story


We’re accepting pitches from the wild and fantastic to the environmentally sound. First and foremost, the idea starts with you. Whether you’re an artist wanting a new studio, a musician in need of a sound proof environment or someone looking for a new sustainable home - there are no rules. 
Bonus points will go to pitches that align with our core values. This might include briefs that demonstrate a sustainable approach, nuanced interest in how we live at home, an intelligent new use of an old space or an entirely fresh look at the conventional, out-of-the-box idea.



The top five briefs (selected by the studio) will receive a 45-60 minute online design consultation to explore and develop your ideas with our team. Each finalist will receive a list of the potential opportunities and practical next steps for their project, as well as a fitting look-book of materials and references that suit the project.

Grand Prize
The winner will receive full design concept consultations and drawing set, 3D visualisations and a VR render of their project (what is VR?).


Competition closes on the 31st of July 2020 at 18h00 (GMT). 


Included in the jury are a range of thinkers from different walks of life from architecture and structural engineering to impact investing and writers.

Aleksandar Stojakovic

Studio 8FOLD

Tara Clinton


William Whitby


Shawn Adams

POoR collective

Isabel Allen


Alexander Frehse

Studio 8FOLD

Nile Bridgeman


Katherine Stodulka


Ben Spry

POoR collective

Peter Buchanan

Architectural writer, critic, 
consultant & curator